Board of Directors

Goran Bozinovic

                                                  Goran earned his Ph.D. at North Carolina State University (environmental and molecular                                                    toxicology), and M.S. at San Diego State University (Public Health).  He studies                                                                    genome-environment interactions: how individuals and natural populations respond,                                                        cope, and adapt to stress. This interdisciplinary work utilizes natural populations and                                                        model organisms to better understand adaptive mechanisms governing stress                                                                  responses.

​                                                  Goran currently serves as a lecturer at the UCSD Division of Biology and Adjunct                                                              Assistant Professor at SDSU Graduate School of Public Health. He recently founded                                                          the Boz Life Science Research and Teaching Institute in partnership with UCSD Extended Studies. Goran is privileged to work with a talented team of dedicated scientists and fellow collaborators cultivating a modern and dynamic science learning center where future leaders ask important questions, collaborate on exciting projects, innovate, and promote life science education.

                                                Liisa currently serves as the Executive Director of the Oregon Bioscience Association.                                                      She earned her accounting degree from Michigan State University. After becoming a                                                        CPA, Liisa eventually transitioned to industry. Over the past 20+ years, she has held                                                          operations and leadership roles with organizations in a variety of industries including                                                        automotive, medical device, drug discovery and most recently with life science trade                                                        associations in both California and Oregon. In her four years with a small medical                                                              device company, she experienced first-hand the education gaps that exist in the real                                                        world. Hiring manufacturing and quality technicians for cleanroom operations was a                                                          specific challenge as candidates who “looked great on paper” didn’t perform to the level expected. She went on to address those gaps with her life science workforce development efforts; as the chair of the Coalition of State Bioscience Institute (CSBI), Liisa has co-led an initiative to produce four biennial national life science workforce reports - a valuable resource to educators and legislators on life science industry in-demand skills. She is passionate about the mission of the Boz Institute and was excited to work with Goran to launch an organization that is helping underserved individuals understand the wonder and rigors of science while gaining the necessary skills to be successful in a science career and in life.

                                                  Liz Bui, J.D., Ph.D. is a Vice President & Intellectual Property Counsel at ViaCyte, Inc. a                                                      leader in the emerging field of regenerative medicine headquartered in San Diego,                                                          California. ViaCyte's clinical candidate products are based on the differentiation of                                                            stem cells into pancreatic beta cell precursors, with the goal to free patients with type 1                                                    and type 2 diabetes from long-term insulin dependence.  Liz oversees all matters                                                              related to intellectual property and is instrumental in the execution of corporate                                                                partnerships, licensing contracts, and other key business alliances. Prior to joining                                                            ViaCyte, Dr. Bui was with the law firm of DLA Piper in the Global Life Science Sector.                                                        Liz is also an Adjunct Faculty at University San Diego School of Law, teaching in the                                                          Entrepreneurship Clinic and the supervising attorney for the USD Patent Clinic. Liz holds a M.S. and Ph.D. in cell and molecular biology from the University of California, Los Angeles and was a National Institutes of Health postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, Irvine. Liz’ passion is bringing biotech and life science opportunities and resources to local high schools and institutions, and in particular, to those neighbors in need.  Liz is a Board member on various non-profit Boards in the greater San Diego area. Liz received her J.D. from Pepperdine University School of Law and her B.S. from Tulane University.

                                                  Shaye has over 15 years’ experience in sales and marketing specifically related to                                                              non-profit and life science. As the Senior Director of Conferences & Corporate                                                                  Sponsorships Shaye directs all the sales efforts at Biocom related to the 150+ events                                                        and conferences. In her role Shaye oversees corporate sponsorship in Biocoms 4                                                             primary markets, San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles and the Bay Area. She                                                              ensures sponsors are receiving valuable exposure to the life science community and                                                        seeing a strong return on their investments. Shaye has a strong background in content                                                    development and provides valuable guidance to members/sponsors looking to gain                                                          exposure to the CA life science community through event programming. Shaye                oversees multiple advisory committees and manages the relationships Biocom has with partner organizations.

                                                  Dr. Richard M. Gersberg is currently a Professor in the School of Public Health at San                                                        Diego State University (SDSU). He has an M.S. degree in biology and a Ph.D degree in                                                      microbiology from the University of California, Davis. Dr. Gersberg specializes in water                                                      quality research, and has broad experience working with both chemical and                                                                      microbiological pollutants and human health risk assessments. He has nearly 100                                                              scientific publications in these areas. Dr. Gersberg has conducted a number of studies                                                      on the detection, quantitation, and risk posed by chemicals and/or pathogens in the                                                          Tijuana River and Estuary at the U.S-Mexico border, the Salton Sea, CA and the Venice                                                    Lagoon, Italy. He has directly measured the level of hepatitis A virus and enteroviruses                                                    in the nearshore coastal waters of Imperial Beach and has carried out risk assessments for these pathogens as well as for toxic chemical contaminants in these waters. Dr, Gersberg is a member of the Independent Advisory Panel for the City of San Diego’s Pure Water Project and for the East County Advanced Water Purification Program (Padre Dam Municipal water District and Helix Water District).

                                                  Dr. Kathryn Nette holds a doctorate in Microbiology from Rutgers University. She has                                                        20 years experience working in the San Diego biotechnology industry, and 22 years                                                        experience working in community college education. She is currently Professor of                                                            Biology at Cuyamaca College and served over 15 years as the department chair of                                                            Science and Engineering, and is currently chair of the Biology department. She was                                                          responsible for writing and implementing a 6-year, $6 million HSI-STEM grant from the                                                      Department of Education, and is currently the curriculum specialist for the grant which                                                      entails the development of new and revamped courses in science and biology.   She is                                                    the Faculty co-chair of the college’s Guided Pathways Steering Committee, and participates in numerous governance structures including the Program Review committee and the Instructional Leadership Advisory Committee. She was an investigator as part of a NSF grant where she developed active, authentic laboratory investigation curriculum in collaboration with UCSD and two other community colleges.

                                                  Chris is a Senior Scientist and Manager of Wood’s Aquatic Sciences and Toxicology                                                          Groups in San Diego, CA with over 20 years of experience designing and leading a                                                          wide variety of field and laboratory-based ecotoxicological assessment programs.                                                            Chris’s expertise centers on toxicology with specialized emphasis on assessment of                                                          stormwater impacts to beneficial uses in receiving waters, the use of multiple lines of                                                        evidence (i.e. triad analysis) including State of California Sediment Quality Objectives                                                        (SQOs), the design and interpretation of biological effects tests, in situ monitoring,                                                            toxicity identification and toxicity reduction evaluations (TIEs/TREs), and development                                                      of site-specific water quality criteria. Chris further specializes in providing regulatory support related to NPDES permit compliance, Investigative Orders, and Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs). Chris is a recognized leader in the field in California and is participating on both the Science Advisory Committee for the California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA) and the Toxicology Assessment Group for the southern California Chapter of SETAC for which he is also the current President of.   

                                                  Dr. Gabriele Wienhausen is a Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Cell &                                                                      Developmental Biology Section at UC San Diego. She has a long and sustained                                                                professional history in developing, guiding, and implementing complex administrative                                                      units and large-scale educational program, as well as a track record of education and                                                        leadership roles that have had a profound impact on undergraduate and graduate                                                            education at UC San Diego and beyond. 

                                                  In 2008, Dr. Wienhausen was selected by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and                                                          the National Institute of Health to be one of the 40 Vision and Change Leadership                                                            Fellows charged with leading a national effort to catalyze reform in undergraduate biology education. Most recently, Dr. Wienhausen served as the inaugural Faculty Director of the Teaching + Learning Commons. She was also a faculty founder and co-director of the Doctoral Program in Mathematics and Science Education jointly offered by UC San Diego and SDSU. 

Dr. Wienhausen has been the recipient of numerous honors and awards, including both the Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Award and the Chancellor's Associate Award. 

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