Darcy Engelhart



Darcy is a research associate at the Boz Institute and a graduate student at UCSD studying the endogenous function and evolution of ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion) genes. Darcy has taught undergraduate biology lab classes (Biochemical and Recombinant DNA Techniques) for the last two years while pursuing her Master’s in Biology. She hopes to create a safe and inclusive learning environment where every student, peer, and teacher has the opportunity to learn and grow as scientists and as people. In the future, Darcy hopes to contribute to research on pain systems and develop patient treatment practices that value both quantity and quality of life. Darcy uses her education in biochemistry and cell biology to inform her interpretation of computational data. She is currently using both bioinformatics and wet-lab tools to investigate sexual dimorphism (the difference between males and females) in fruit fly brains.