Our Team

Goran Bozinovic

President and CEO

Sylvia Gong

Environmental Science

Katie O'Connell

Research Intern

Miguel Vasquez

Lab Manager

Kesten Bozinovic

Environmental Policy



Sora Haagensen

Research Intern

Zuying Feng

Cell Signaling and Aging

Chris Witte

Field Biology

Maysoon Lehmeidi

Program Manager

Jeanne Vu

Biodiversity and Neurobiology

Darcy Engelhart


Suwayda Ali

Research Assistant

Science Education


Environmental Science

Cellular Physiology

Developmental Biology


Figure 1. Boz Neuronal Synergy Network. All research projects overlap to a degree. The number of nodes indicate the overlapping streght and the node color indicates the research area. The network promotes commucation and cooperation and cross-discipine problem-solving model.