UCSD Extension Education and Community Outreach Department

                                                  Dr. Edward Abeyta is the Associate Dean for Community Engagement and Director of                                                      Education and Community Outreach (ECO). Prior to joining UCSD Extension in 1995,                                                          Edward began his service at UCSD as a counselor for the Early Academic Outreach                                                          Program serving underrepresented students in San Diego high schools and later was                                                        assumed the role of Registrar and Director of Academic Services at UC San Diego                                                            Extension. Dr. Abeyta has a B.A. from the University of New Mexico, a M.A. from the                                                          University of San Diego and his Ph.D. in  Post Secondary Adult Education from Capella                                                    University. Edward has been recognized from UCSD and the UC Office of the President                                                    for his involvement in staff diversity and development initiatives. In 2008 Edward was selected to a two year term as the Staff Advisor to The Regents. He currently serves on the UC Diversity Commission, Post-retirement Task Force, and The Regents UC Commission on the Future.

                                                  Dr. Morgan Appel serves as Assistant Dean for Education and Community Outreach                                                          (ECO) UC San Diego Extension. Appel oversees a diverse portfolio across the lifespan,                                                    including programming in K-12; teacher and community education; and for post-career                                                      adults. He as Director of Education at UC Irvine Division of Continuing Education (DCE)                                                    following an academic appointment at the Claire Trevor School of the Arts at UC Irvine.                                                    With expertise in education transformation and policy, Appel worked with a number of                                                      school districts and research institutes to explore the impacts of legislated and                                                                  organically generated change agentry in PK-postsecondary. A specialist in gifted                                                              education; arts integration; and education policy, Appel teaches a variety of courses at both UC San Diego Extension and UC Irvine DCE. He is a widely published author and presenter at conferences and other venues. Appel lives in San Diego, California, with his wife Catherine and their dog, Jonathan Fitzgerald.

Dr. Edward Abeyta

Dr. Morgan Appel